MegaDROLIK Offshore Marine Pte Ltd

MegaDROLIK Offshore Marine Pte. Ltd. is one of Asia-Pacific’s leading offshore and marine system solution providers. With a group of expertise of more than 20 years of experience, MegaDROLIK provide quality offshore and marine winches, cranes, complex deck machinery & hydraulic systems for the most diverse applications for use under tough conditions. MegaDROLIK works closely with its principals, suppliers and sub-contractors to ensure enhanced efficiency, timely products delivery and competitive pricing. Our equipment manufacturing facility in Shanghai-China and global business partners provides one-stop turnkey solutions for offshore and marine customers worldwide.
Range of MegaDROLIK products:


  • Anchor winches.
  • Towing winches.
  • Mooring winches.
  • Tugger winches.
  • Subsea winches.
  • Capstan.
  • Cylinder luffing cargo cranes.
  • Gantry cranes.
  • Heavy lift cargo cranes.
  • Wire luffing cargo cranes.
  • Knuckle / Telescopic cranes.
  • Straight boom cranes.
  • A-Frames.
  • Hatch cover equipment & spare parts supply.
  • Hydraulic cylinders, power packs & hydraulic systems design.
  • Offshore skidding hydraulic cylinders.
  • Hydraulic seals & PTFE Composite bearings.
  • Cover cartridge valves supply, manifolds design and fabrication.
  • SUN company cartridge valves supply and relevant manifolds design and fabrication.
  • Competitive brand cartridge valves, valve manifolds design and fabrication.
  • Winch control block supply.
  • 700 Bar to 2800 Bar High pressure hydraulic products.
  • And many more…

For inquiry, please email to:  sales@megadrolik.com

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